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W2A Thin Set Epoxy
1.5 Quart Kit

W2A Thin Set Epoxy
1.5 Quart Kit

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W2A Thin Set Epoxy
2:1 Ratio

1 Quart Part A

1 Pint Part B

Introducing W2A Thin Set Epoxy Resin, your premier choice for woodworking projects demanding precision and durability. Crafted with a versatile 2 to 1 formulation, this resin boasts exceptional characteristics tailored to meet your needs:

  • Thin viscosity: Penetrates cracks in wood deeply, allowing for optimal filling and minimizing bubble formation.
  • Quick drying time: Sets within 8 to 12 hours, providing a convenient working window to achieve desired results.
  • Bubble-free finish: Air can easily escape, preventing the formation of unsightly bubbles and ensuring a smooth surface.
  • Superior adhesion: Perfect for laminating tasks, bonding materials together securely for lasting strength and stability.
  • Crystal-clear clarity: Enhances the natural beauty of wood, while UV inhibitors protect against yellowing and degradation over time.

Elevate your woodworking craftsmanship with W2A Thin Set Epoxy Resin, delivering reliable performance and impeccable results with every application.

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