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W2A Deep Pour Epoxy
1.5 Gallon Kit

W2A Deep Pour Epoxy
1.5 Gallon Kit

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W2A Deep Pour Epoxy

1 Gallon part A
1/2 Gallon part B

This specialized material is crafted for filling expansive voids in natural wood slab tops. Unlike regular W2A Bar Top Epoxy, which has a pouring limit of 1/4" per coat, W2A Casting resin offers a unique capability of pouring up to 2" thick, depending on your project's size and mass. 

The 1.5-gallon kit, mixed at 2:1, requires careful handling, recommending a slow mix with a paint stick to avoid bubbles. For optimal results, pour in 1/4" increments, torching as you go to achieve a crystal-clear deep pour. Stubborn bubbles can be addressed by heating the tip of a screwdriver and carefully popping them. W2A Deep Pour Epoxy, with its longer cure time, encourages periodic stirring to maintain vibrant metallic effects. It's essential to monitor curing times, especially in varying temperatures, to ensure the desired 3D Metallic effects.

To prevent overheating, especially in large pours, consider pouring in multiple steps. While Deep Pour Epoxy is excellent for river tables and thick pours, caution is advised for large voids or table extensions that may self-generate heat and compromise the outcome. When in doubt, give us a call and we can go over the details of your project to help ensure your success The material is customizable with metallic powders, glitter, mica, or base color tints for added visual appeal.

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