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FGCI Superbond Epoxy Adhesive
2 Quart Kit

FGCI Superbond Epoxy Adhesive
2 Quart Kit

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Superbond Standard Epoxy Glue may be used to repair tanks, pipes, windshields, floors, fiberglass, aluminum boats, concrete, and styrofoam. Superbond Standard Epoxy Glue, when cured, is not affected by gasoline, oils, or salt water.

EASY TO USE! Superbond Standard Epoxy Glue features a forgiving, easy to use, 1 to 1 by volume mix ratio (1 Part Epoxy to 1 Part of Activator by Volume). Superbond Standard Epoxy Glue itself features a highly thixotropic paste-like consistency, which hangs well in thick sections on vertical and overhead surfaces. The material can be used with any one of our 3 Activators, which differ only in curing time. (Cure time may also be accelerated by mild heat up to 150 F.) Superbond Standard Epoxy Glue cures to a hard, blush free, amber colored plastic, having good physical properties such as water chemical and solvent resistance, high adhesive strength, and high dielectric strength for electrical insulation. With all adhesive type compounds, proper surface preparation is essential for good bond strength.

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