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4/4 Cherry
Rough Sawn Lumber

4/4 Cherry
Rough Sawn Lumber

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Price is per Board Foot 

Random Width Rough-sawn Lumber


Common Name(s): Black cherry, American cherry
Scientific Name: Prunus serotina
Average Dried Weight: 35 lbs/ft3 (560 kg/m3)
Specific Gravity (Basic, 12% MC): 0.47, 0.56
Janka Hardness: 950 lbf (4,230 N)


  • Distinctive Color: The deep, lustrous reddish-brown hue of Black Cherry adds warmth and elegance to any woodworking project. Its color matures over time, developing a beautiful patina that further enhances its allure.

  • Fine Grain: Black Cherry exhibits a fine, straight grain that enhances its visual appeal. The wood's grain patterns are often accentuated by subtle streaks of darker tones, lending a touch of sophistication to your creations.

  • Natural Beauty: Black Cherry possesses a natural radiance and depth that captures attention. From furniture and cabinetry to decorative accents, this hardwood offers a stunning canvas for showcasing the inherent beauty of wood.

  • Versatile Applications: With its excellent workability, Black Cherry is versatile and well-suited for a wide range of woodworking applications. Craft exquisite furniture, architectural millwork, turned items, and more, as this wood allows you to bring your creative vision to life.

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